Sensual Liberation Camp

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The Sensual Liberation Camp is Michael Perin Wogenburgs’ approach to healing body and mind in private luxurious retreat workshops.

The Sensual Liberation Camp is Michael Perin Wogenburgs’ approach to healing body and mind in private luxurious retreat workshops.


Sensual Liberation Camp

Sensual Liberation Camp offers select clients an opportunity to experience a paradise on earth through the gentle arousal of the mind, body and senses. In exotic locales, and with the assistance of carefully selected models and a personal guide, the client is led on a journey that serves to reawaken their passion, desire, and excitement for life.

We can all recall scenes from our childhood that are infused with a sense of awe, wonder and magic. As we get older and experience life’s traumas, disappointments, and failures, we gradually lose our connection with the innocence that allows us to see life clearly. Our experience of life becomes mixed with feelings of anxiety, loneliness and despair that are a direct consequence of a loss of connection with our own sensuality.

Ancient practitioners of Tantra and Laya Yoga understood that human beings have the capacity to reawaken these child-like states of wonder and bliss through the cleansing of the five senses. They also acknowledged that sexuality is an integral part of our adult experience that cannot be ignored or repressed. Sensual Liberation Camp is an immersion into secret yogic rituals, practices, and meditations that serve to reconnect us with our passions and lust for life.

Placeholders as Sensual Guides

The revolutionary aspect of Sensual Liberation Camp is the use of carefully selected male, female or non-binary models as placeholders for sensual practice. These models are hand selected to fit the psycho-sexual profile of the client, arousing deep and often hidden feelings of desire and longing, as well as fear, shame or guilt that is carried over from past relationships. These placeholders serve as a blank canvas for the client to explore hidden desires, work through past traumas, and release years of pent up sexual frustration in a safe environment.

 In our modern society, layered with its complicated rules of dating, sex, and power,  interactions with other people we desire are rare and fleeting with a single person, much less three at the same time.

Sensual Liberation Camp offers a unique opportunity for a client to experience the bliss of a genuine connection with the other  with models who are specifically trained in sensual arts embedded in the yogic tradition. These experiences go far beyond the simple act of lovemaking and cause a deep and lasting change in the way we experience the world and our relationship to those we are attracted to. Authentic male or female energy is awakened and the client becomes a magnet, not only for people , but for his/her/their true desires and passions in life.

Yoga as a Spiritual Practice

Yoga as a complete practice is about the cleansing and strengthening of the mind, body and spirit. In modern yoga, which is dominated by asana practice, many of the more subtle and powerful techniques for clearing and re-aligning our sensual bodies have been lost.

As a participant of the Sensual Liberation Camp, clients are initiated into a lineage of practice that includes secret techniques and rituals for accelerating the movement of “prana”, or vital energy through the body that is the raw power behind the senses. When these rituals are practiced with sincerity and resolve, they cause a profound shift in awareness that is accompanied by a deep healing of past traumas. In addition to re-awakening a passion for life, clients may unlock “siddhis” or latent psychic powers that can be used to further their life’s work.

Because of the power of these techniques to create deep psychological change, they have traditionally only been taught in secret, passed down from guru to disciple over years of dedicated practice. Other techniques have been prohibited in the cultures that they were born for being too explicit, causing them to be virtually lost. We believe that in the correct environment, surrounded by the right people, and with expert guidance, these techniques can be shared openly once again. Through the Sensual Liberation Camp, these practices, once forbidden to the general public, are made available to true seekers who are ready and willing to invest.

A Garden of Eden

In order to create the right environment for transformation, Sensual Liberation Camp is hosted in luxury accommodations in exotic locations around the world. As part of their training, traditional yogis are made to endure the most rigorous mental and physical conditions. For our clients, we have found that the optimal setting for change is a peaceful environment where the pressures of life are set aside, and two people  can come together in blissful innocence.

Sensual Liberation Camp locations are chosen for their natural beauty and spiritual power. They are places where access to the five elements is abundant - places where clients can indulge in a feast of the senses as they are gently guided to towards a reawakening of their sensuality.

As these changes in awareness occur over the course of the retreat, the client is given the tools to maintain their sensitivity when they return to the “normal” world. But the healing and changes experienced during the retreat are permanent.

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