Private Retreats

Tantra luxury retreat vacation
Tantra luxury retreat vacation


This private workshop is for people who suffer from severe anger issues. Our method sets us apart from common anger - management workshops by working with an ancient Indian psychological method related to Sparsha, which means “touch” in Sanskrit. We will guide you through a pandemonium of experiences, which consist of Shuddi (cleansing), Sadhana (spiritual exercises) and group rituals related to “touch”. These rituals have their origins in ancient Indian tradition and were only recently adopted and transformed. You will leave this retreat feeling newborn, full of insights and clarity. In this retreat we use 3-10 different “placeholders” (trained women, men or both) to perform the method according to its original and traditional meaning.


This retreat takes place on a secluded luxury island resort. The week is meant to be a journey into oneness for straight or gay couples. The days will be filled with feasts for the senses and the soul. This experience of a lifetime will include exercises that deepen your connection so your love will last and stay fresh for a long time . You will learn to breathe together the breath of oneness. We will also teach many forbidden yoga sexual secrets and the hidden knowledge of the Kamasutra.


If what was once a great love is ruined, it is painful. If children are involved it is even more sad and heartbreaking. If money is at stake things often spiral out of control. We do not offer a couple's retreat to facilitate reconciliation. We offer an intense program for 1 of the person’s involved to help her/him through this difficult time. Our goal is to: 

1. Understand your anger and transform it
2. Walk away from the partnership with love and compassion
3. Think of the children first. What is the best for them?
4. Understand disappointment
5. Prevent your ego from tricking you – Are you really so almighty?
6. Understand your true nature

This retreat is coached by a workshop leader and several assistants who act as “placeholders” in certain exercises related to aggression, disappointment and sexual frustration.