What is Tantra?

What is Tantra? 

What is tantra and which are my benefits?

Unlike so called Neo-Tantra, ancient Indian Tantra as an occult practice, with all of its contradictions and facets, is difficult to understand. But I will try to give it a shot: Imagine a beautiful rainbow, with all its colors. Compare this rainbow with sex and all you do when you have sex. You touch and you get touched, you listen to the sounds of your partner and vice versa, etc., etc. Now, imagine each rainbow color represents one of the human senses. Make a photograph of the rainbow, print it out and, with a scissor, cut the individual colors out. Rearrange them into a collage, mixing them with other attributes and materials.

This is what the creators of Tantra did. They analyzed sex in all its components, separated those components, and then rearranged them to trick nature, to trick destiny, to trick life and death. Sex was of no particular interest to them in their magical practices until they realized the amazing potential in seducing nature (matter) to undermine the idea of birth and death. They started to sexualize rituals and not, as people do today, ritualize sex. 

When they found they could cut sexuality into its components, the system of the 'Indrias' (senses) was born. Deeper and deeper into sexuality they went, eventually finding that our 5 senses are connected to 5 other senses (the jnanendriyas, karmendriyas). Therefore, in the Indian theory of Tantra and Ayurveda we work with not 5, but 10 senses.

After realizing the very structure of sexuality, they reconstructed its very elements (like the rainbow collage) and invented rituals, which were neither sexual nor non-sexual. When humans performed these rituals their brain felt disturbed and irritated. Some of these rituals were triggering what we call the pineal gland, the organ in the brain that is scientifically ‘proven’ to cause mystical experiences of God and unity. The first Tantrics must have been something like DNA scientists, who tried to rearrange their genetic imprint by remixing sexuality.


I am one of the followers of this ancient tradition and I have personally experienced the liberation that comes from these rituals and practices.