Yoga has gone downhill and this is how I changed it!

Yoga has gone downhill and this is how I changed it!

To understand this Yoga, we first have to understand three things:

1. Laya लय Rhythm (also dissolution)

This teaching of Laya Yoga to a student is based on a rhythm, which is an essential aspect of the tantric sadhanas, which distinguishes it from how Yoga is taught today. In the tantric Laya yoga tradition, the rhythm of teaching is fundamental. And this rhythm has to come from the teacher. This is another way of teaching the tradition, to follow the rhythm of the preceptor. In this tradition, initiation into a guru mandala by mantra is not necessary. All comes by time, by spending time doing practice with the preceptor. This is how liberation happens, slowly and over time. Creating profound connections with others takes time. We need to think of Yoga as if it were a human with whom we are trying to form a friendship or some form of a profound connection. The preceptor is the bridge between this new friend Yoga and us, he guides us in the search for rhythm, first by making us follow his rhythm, for us to be able to float in our rhythm eventually.

2. The Mahavidya concept — The first feminist science fiction story

The Mahavidya goddesses represent the ten different aspects of reality and the ten cosmic powers of nature. The Mahavidya religious system is a fascinating concept to study not just intellectually but also through yogic practice. It is arguably one of the first superhero stories and as compelling as any Marvel hero story. The main character is all strong and implacable women. Three of them even walk around with bare breasts. Zuckerberg would be pissed.

So the Yoga of The Andhakaara Method, which I present here, is meant to be a journey into the essence of all religious codes, a journey into understanding all the religions or spiritual practices of the past and present.

The world religions were created in another time and for other purposes. The religions of the book have become so misunderstood, and their original meaning is lost today. Religion has, to a large extent, been the cause of hate, death, and destruction to the world. So what do we do in this course we go back to the beginning of time when everything was created.

I wanted to create a virtual reality for the mind where someone could experience the essence of religion and religious worship with the possibility to go beyond an institutionalized faith. I want to make you reconnect with spirituality at its core. As when in the dawn of mankind we stared into a lake and we saw our own image and realized for the first time: I am. Briefness, aliveness, rawness. Sophistication nonetheless.

I conceptualized the online course to be a complex and sophisticated journey. In an Inceptionesque (inspired by Christopher Nolan ) way in this 365 day course, the student will move from his present reality -or dream of consciousness — to different forms of existence without even being aware of it. He/she/they will dive deeper and deeper into different dreams or matrixes of reality, which will result in the ultimate transformation of their existence.

3. Ahamakar अहङ्कार self-consciousness

The “I” was born. A Blessing or a Curse? This knowledge of the self, led humankind to worship nature as a separate entity. This knowledge of the self is what we call dualism in spirituality. Adam & Eva were expelled from the paradise of oneness. We all know the mythological stories of the major religions. There is an inner urge in us to become one again with the world. So how do we deal with this inner urge in the 21st century — speaking for those of us who have this longing — to return to the source — to return to oneness?

You might go to India. As a spiritual being, you will probably visit a meditation ashram and hope to encounter a guru there — hopefully a genuinely spiritual one. You can with a guru learn a great many things. While it can be enjoyable and for some lucky few life-changing as well, Yoga in most virtual and physical spaces begins to feel shallow sooner or later. I want to bring you back to its origin, its sent, its texture, its truth.

The Andhakaara Method is not an ashram but a Shangri-La where there is no traditional guru. It is a study course in spiritual technologies that no guru could teach you. A guru cannot explain complicated things to each of his students. That is why many gurus for example in the Tantric Kriya Yoga tradition only have very few disciples. It is difficult to transmit intricate spiritual knowledge to many very different people. If you teach too many people, you have to water the teachings down. There is no exception to it. I have sought another way to share my knowledge many without compromising what is taught.

So how can the Andhakaara method be learned? Firstly keep it simple: The Andhakaara method is a self-study program and I offer personal help via the Internet so that you can learn with the right spirit. I teach, I explain, I talk to you. I am here to coach you along your journey.

What I wanted to do for project mankind

I believe that the only way to solve the environmental crisis is for us to become sensitive to nature, like our ancestors. So, I feel it is critical to educate people - to inform people on the level of spirituality. To create an understanding that we are practically part of nature. Theoretically, everyone knows that. To feel it on a mystical level we have to dive deeper into the reasons for religious worship from the beginning of time so that you understand why Islam was created, why Yoga was invented, why Buddhism, why Christianity, formed.

For example, what is the deeper meaning of why Jesus was crucified on a cross? Many of us will have different answers based on what we have learned. But with the study of the Andhakaara method, you will understand it as if you had been there. You will appreciate Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Voodoo worships as if you were there doing the practice yourself. You will understand the famous Candomblé religion from South America, and you will feel it from the inside.

Why is this journey necessary? — It is all about the plastic bags in the oceans, about surviving of our human race!

I want to spread awareness on earth by creating a new spiritual movement which is powerful enough to amalgamate both a happy human life with a natural sensitivity for the planet.

When human history began on this planet, we worshiped nature. We started to worship the elements.

Ether Akasha आकाश

Air Vayu वायु

Fire Agni अग्नि

Water Apas आपस्

Earth Prithvi पृथिवी

When we were ONE and ONE with elements at the same time. We were us.

When we looked into the mirror of self-awareness, as in the mirror in the quiet lake, we became self-aware of who we are. Then we identified with the name given to us. This was when we lost our oneness and this we must regain for our sake and the world. There is even a breath exercise named after it: Nama Pranayama

Why humans love sex — practice sexual Yoga!

In sex, we forget who we are. We sometimes merge with the ocean of nothingness or non-being. You do not need to call that Tantric sex. That is why all cultures who suppress sexuality will sooner or later fail. Sex is an essential part of oneness. If you suppress sex you deny the human race the source of life itself. In the absence of sex, we do not only loose physical pleasure but an essential source of spiritual growth, which is why I always teach Yoga in relation to sexuality.

Those yoga exercises, which focus on sexual energy, will make you become a magnet! A magnet that attracts people that attracts the smartest girlfriend, the most handsome husband, the most exciting sex partner, whatever you wish … You learn to live in the right way so that your body becomes more and more magnetic, your genital shines like a diamond, and your sex is mind-blowing.

The Andhakaara Method it’s not just teaching you about these yogic methods for having a good sex life and a being in good relationships. Because our life must be more than that. But we draw our greatest inspiration from sexuality. It’s about our connection to nature, our connection to ourselves, and the elements around us.

Andhakaara अन्धकार Darkness Meditation

Here I explain what Andhakaara means and why I called this training The Andhakaara Path to Power.

So why then is my course called the Andhakaara Path to Power?

Andhakaara means darkness and Andhakaara path to power means power through the darkness. My course teaches the Andakaara method, which is about entering purity of the universe, entering the darkness which prevails over our entire planetary systems. Because in this Yoga, we understand that out of the absolute darkness our bright and radiant universe was born. This is why we worship the ultimate source of our fantastic nature, the complete darkness. We call it darkness full of Prana.

Prana प्राण primary energy

At the center of this animistic Yoga is the darkness — which we see with open eyes. It is not meditation as such; it is a concentration on the darkness leading into a universe filled with prana.

Darkness meditation as soul detox

In the Andhakaara method, we go from the dark to the light and not from the light to the dark. The focus of this Yoga is meditation in darkness, actually, a form of Dhāraṇā, concentration where you stare at objects with open eyes, called trataka:

राटक trataka method of fixing the eye on one object

Darkness. It’s about this life here and the other life, to come. Before you were born, you were in this void, and there was beautiful darkness, there everything was enfolded.

When you come to earth from another life, this in between-state the Buddhists call Bardo, antarabhāva is a similar term in Sanskrit. The afterlife is understood as a state of consciousness in which our souls might be alone or united. The ocean of consciousness in the afterlife has many levels. Some souls come back. Some souls may stay in accordance with their karmic predispositions. I am saying that it is not just a meditation, it is an exercise of concentration in the darkness where you use this prana of the dark matter of the universe, and you take it inside of you. Our Yoga is based on the power of contemplating the darkness; by doing this we can experience the original world like a new-born baby. This results in the power of darkness beings split into five different sensory experiences.

Indriya, the senses. With these ideas, we were inhaling smell, and we are inhaling sound we were not just inhaling air.

इन्द्रिय indriya sense

We go back to the state of consciousness to experience the world again in its fantastic beauty.

Andhakaara method for all of us

When we die, we forget our identity, we forget the names of our children. We have to let go. Every religion, spiritual system, from the beginning of time, has always taught us to let go. And in the yogic tradition in this course is teaching you too to let go.

The Andhakaara methods teach you to let go by connecting with the pure matter. We do not transcendent matter. I am against it. I believe it is wrong just as I think that the traditions which were teaching us to ignore our sexuality were false.

We use sexuality as a way to transport ourselves into altered states of consciousness because there is where our original home is. We are visitors here. This planet somehow belongs to us. But at the same time, we are just the servants here for the good of the earth. And once you have gone through the 365 day journey, you will feel fully human again, like you did when you were in your mother’s womb.

The Yoga that I teach is a practice to become who you are and one with the world. This will be your salvation and maybe also our planet’s. These are probably the most important things that you can ever learn.

With love Michael