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coaching For Better Relationships

If you are caught in a fog of anxiety and depression, you need a person to talk to - a guide who shows you the way out of the darkness and back into the light. I provide experienced guidance to help you through the most difficult times in your life. Certain problems require unusual solutions. I develop such solutions even for the most outrageous personal issues.

The tools of Ancient Wisdom

For select students, I am also available for private mentoring in the secret traditions that I have been initiated into. These practices include darkness meditation, kundalini sadhanas, advanced pranayama techniques, and various sexual and partner practices that originate from Tantric scriptures and can be used for spiritual development. I also teach ecstatic speech methods and partner rituals that can be utilized to overcome hidden belief systems, trauma, passive aggressiveness, and other hindrances.

Social Anxiety Disorder - PTSD Therapy

You can book private SKYPE sessions with me. These sessions will be 100% confidential.  I provide my services in English, German & Russian. To do that you only need to send me 100 Euros to my paypal account. I will get back to you via email to arrange an appointment.

Kundalini Sadhana

This is a video on the theory of lost tantric knowledge! There are more videos about this topic on my youtube channel!


भूत Bhuta:This video is a commentary video for Day 44/365 of my online study course in ancient Tantric sadhana and ritual. In this course I am also teaching you the sophisticated sadhanas of the Tantric Laya Yoga tradition.

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cosmic sex?

VIP adult retreat

Relationship coaching

Do you know how “it” works?


Sensual Liberation Tours

Sensual Liberation Tours offers select clients an opportunity to experience a paradise on earth through the gentle arousal of the mind, body and senses. In exotic locales, and with the assistance of carefully selected models and a personal guide, the client is led on a journey that serves to reawaken their passion, desire, and excitement for life.

In SLT I address mostly these topics:

  • a desire to experience mystical states of mind

  • coping with burnout & depression

  • impotence & sexual in-balances

  • sexual fantasies & obessive behaviour

  • how to deal with sexual aggression

  • anxiety & depression

  • sleep disturbances

  • loneliness & social alienation

  • death & mourning


Would you like to learn Spiritual Yoga online?

I offer a unique year-long self-development training in authentic Indian Tantra. This course weaves together Tantra and Kundalini yoga, giving students the opportunity to experience how these ancient technologies should be practiced-in tandem. This traditional Tantra online course is designed for people who are searching for something that goes beyond practices and teachings of  the mainstream yogic and tantric culture that we see today. If you have ever wondered how you, as a modern person, could learn the secrets of true Tantra, this course is for you.

In this course, you will be given:

sexual chakra
  • Daily, small, physical practices and rituals based on ancient esoteric methods found in yogic texts

  • Ancient knowledge that has been passed down through the ages

  • The chance to unlock unknown dimensions in yourself and attain a very unique mystical states


This is a rare item. First, the Goddess Chinnamasta is either unknown or avoided in both the East and the West because of her seemingly frightening nature. Second, to find a modern representation is unheard of! Michael has created a masterful representation devoid of the extraneous Eastern elements.I am so thankful to have found his art on Etsy

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